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Princh offers organizations a collection of products to improve their printing, copying and scanning services – all with integrated electronic payment.

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Princh Products

What can I expect from Princh products?

Printing software for everyone

Self-service solution

With our self-service solution staff will spend less time solving printing, copying or scanning problems, handling cash payments, managing user accounts or maintaining systems. Princh users can serve themselves.

Printing software for everyone

Print from any device

With our self-service solution, users can bring their own device and easily print and pay electronically from any mobile device or laptop, including Macs and Chromebooks – and of course public desktop computers.

User-friendly experience

Princh is designed to be intuitive and simple to use for all demographics. With our solution even your less tech-savvy visitors will be able to easily print, copy, scan and pay for their service too.

Printing solution for all devices

Integrated electronic payment

All Princh products come with an integrated electronic payment solution with very low transaction costs. Users can pay with bank cards, mobile payment apps, cash or PayPal. You decide which payment options to offer.

Printing software for everyone

Princh manual release

The Princh manual release feature offers users the option to securely release and collect documents when the user is physically next to the printer. This feature also allows your users to print from home and safely collect their print job.

File preview

Users will be forced to see a preview of their copy or scan job before completing the process. This will help prevent paper waste and significantly improve the user experience! 

Printing software for everyone

File Format

The Princh printing solution has the broadest document format compatibility available making it easy for your users to print any document they need.

Printing software for everyone

Compatible with any printer

Our solution is printer-agnostic which means we work with any printer brand and model. Consequently, you don’t need to change any existing hardware to get Princh!

Printing software for everyone

No user accounts

Uniquely, users do not create an account to print and pay with Princh. Users share the documents they want to print and then pay, not only making it easy for users, but also hassle-free for staff.

Printing software for everyone

Private and secure

All connections are SSL encrypted and payments are secure. Our data processing model allows you to offer our printing service in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and other similarly strict data protection regulations.

Princh Products Overview

BYOD Printing

With the Princh BYOD Printing products, your users will be able to print and pay from their own devices using our incredibly simple and intuitive user-interface.

When printing from their smartphones or tablets, users can download the free Princh  iOS /Android app or use the built-in browser. Our user-friendly interface will easily guide users through the printing process and with integrated payment, users can pay from their smartphone or tablet too.

When printing from their laptop, users access the Princh web app, choose the documents to print, easily select settings and finally pay using one of the many options available. Princh works on any laptop with a browser including Macs and Chromebooks.

The Princh BYOD Printing product is a Bring Your Own Device solution, meaning it is specifically for your users to print and pay from their own devices.

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PC Printing

Princh’s cloud-based printing solution allows users to print and pay any file type from your public PCs. Our solution is available as native applications for Windows and Linux, but can also be used on Macs and Chromebooks.

Princh on public PCs acts like a normal printer allowing users to print directly from any application. Uniquely, Princh offers a standardized user interface for selecting print job settings making it easy for users of all experience levels to serve themselves.

To view the technical requirements for PC Printing you can click HERE.

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PC Printing Princh Product

Revolutionary Copying & Scanning solution

Princh’s unique and user-friendly solution takes the complexity and all staff involvement out of copying, scanning and the subsequent payment process.

The solution offers an intuitive wizard flow for users to follow. Uniquely, users will be forced to see a preview of their copy or scan job before completing the process. This will help prevent paper waste and significantly improve the user experience!

To avoid spamming, when users choose scan to email, they will receive an email with a link in their inbox to access and download the requested document. The message is sent using Princh’s email server. The solution strikes the best possible balance between ease-of-use and optimal data security.

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Staff is in full control

Princh Administration Panel

In the Princh Administration Panel, staff can keep track of the printing activity, broken down by each location and date. After each document has been printed, it will immediately be added to your daily activity visible from the dashboard.

There is also the option to either resend print jobs, cancel electronic payments as well as, temporarily disable printers that are out of order.

Staff with administration access are able to set the desired prices for the services, input the location’s address, define the opening hours, and much more.

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Admin Panel Princh Product
Self-service printing solution
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