We are Print Fanatics

Our dream is to build a shared global network of publicly available printers, making printing anytime, anywhere easy.

Our Story

While travelling frequently for work, Hans and Thomas faced a similar problem. They found it difficult to locate and access printers to print. After discussing the problem, they agreed that their mission will be to create a global network of public printers.

In June 2015 Thomas, Hans and Morten launched Princh, the first version of their mobile printing and payment product for all public printing locations. The launch got off to a slower start than anticipated, from there Princh started working together with a local library to improve their product by meeting user needs.

Half a year later Princh had won over 40% of the Danish library market. With the success in Denmark, Princh expanded to Sweden and Norway. In collaboration with leading distributors, Princh quickly gained a strong foothold in the new markets and won over Oslo and Stockholm libraries.

Princh continued expansion to new markets with entering to US, UK and is continuing to expand its global network. Making printing easier for millions of people every year. The original vision of killing the home printer is still not fulfilled but we are well on the way and won’t stop!

Our mission

Based on the idea of the sharing economy, Our solution makes it easy to find a printer and print from phones, tablets and laptops and pay for the service electronically.

Today we help libraries, schools, universities, dormitories, shared workspaces and everything in between with printing, copying and scanning with the goal of eliminating the home printer.

Our Princhiples

At Princh we embody a specific set of core principles that allow us to excel in creating a fantastic product customers love as well as supporting our customers who mean the world to us!

1. Put the customers first
2. Don’t do average
3. Do more with less
4. Have fun
5. Listen
6. Passion drives us

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Who are we?

Thomas Ommen


Hans Brink Hansen


Morten Larsson

Software Architect

Lauge Hoyer

Software Developer

Mikkel Ottesen

Software Developer

Morten Brøgger-Jensen

Software Developer

Benjamin Moth Madsen

Customer Support

Ronni Jensen

Customer Support

Vicky Barnas

Library Innovation Specialist

Leslie Booth

Library Innovation Specialist

Marc Lapointe

Head of Marketing

Robert Kolosa

Growth Marketer

Nana Bendix Hansen

Accounting and Admin

Daniela Parfentiev

Growth Marketing Intern

Dominique Kobrossi

Content Marketing Intern

Ausra Stanislovityté

Graphic Design Intern

Want to join the Princh team?

We are always looking for ambitious and talented people of all nationalities and backgrounds to join us.

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