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Princh is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution designed to make printing and payment fast and simple for everyone

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Princh Cloud-Based Printing Solution

What do we do

Princh is a simple all-in-one solution that provides you and your print users an easy way to solve their printing needs. We help you setup and manage your printers, process payment and provide support, all while connecting any device to any printer. This way you save time solving printing problems and spend more time enjoying your day!

BYOD Printing With Princh
How Princh Works

How Princh works

Princh is an incredibly simple cloud-based printing solution that allows users to print and pay from their mobile devices, laptops, and your desktop PCs. This is handled through the Princh IOS and Android apps, as well as the Princh web app.

Princh’s printing solution doesn’t require user accounts, usernames or passwords. Users just print like they normally would and pay electronically – fast, easy and without involvement from staff.

All connections are SSL encrypted securing all data and payment information, and relevant data is only stored for 24 hours.

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How Princh Works

A cloud-based solution

Princh’s cloud-based printing solution works with any printer and is easy to deploy on large networks. This also means that updates and maintenance are handled by us, so you can focus on your customers and not managing software. Additionally, we provide on-call support and assistance through our own team and partners to get you up and running in no time. Princh is also an alternative to Google Cloud Print.

When a new site joins our network of connected printers it can be located through our “Find a Printer” page. That way users can always find a printer nearby.

Find a printer near your

A Cloud-Based Solution
Compatible With Any Printer

Works with every printer

Princh works with every make and model. Our solution is printer agnostic which means we work with any printer brand/model.

Paying is as simple as printing

A user-friendly, self-service printing service isn’t all our solution offers! With Princh you can easily pay using our integrated electronic payment feature. This allows users to pay using bank cards, mobile payment apps and cash. This means there’s no need to set-up payment agreements or provide POS (point of sales) hardware to accept transactions.

Print from any device

Use the Princh app on IOS, android or from a browser to find the nearest printer and then print and pay from your device. It’s that easy.

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Compatible With Any Printer

For all organisations

Princh is incredibly versatile and designed for the needs of all organisations whether large or small. We are currently innovating and simplifying printing across multiple sectors: libraries, dorms, shared workspaces, higher education, retail and hospitality.

Improve your printing, copying and scanning services

Get detailed information on why organisations are choosing our user-friendly cloud-based products worldwide.

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Princh is for all organisations

Sustainable printing with Princh

Our solution was founded based on the sharing economy, to make public printing and payment simpler and to reduce CO2 emissions. See how our solution reduces your community’s environmental footprint by clicking below.

Become sustainable with Princh


Pricing for all sizes and budgets

Use our interactive calculator to get tailored pricing information for you organisation. Our pricing model was created with organisations of all sizes and budgets in mind, allowing us to offer competitive pricing for all.

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What makes Princh great?

Easy to use and intuitive printing solution

Self-service solution for everyone

Princh is designed to be extremely simple and intuitive for everyone to use. This means that all users, even those less experienced with IT, will be able to easily use Princh. Our solution saves time for both users and staff alike.

Free printing platform

Easy electronic payments

Users can pay for printing with credit and debit cards, mobile payment apps and cash. Payment is strictly pay-as-you-go this means there is no need to create user accounts or deposit money – pay for what you print, that’s it!

Online payment for printing

Print from any device

With our printing solution users can easily print and pay from their own devices with no staff assistance. Princh is also available for the desktop PCs.

Online payment for printing

Friendly and reliable support

With our Princh staff and regional partners on call and a knowledge base filled with solutions, you will never be stuck with a problem.

Online payment for printing

No user accounts

Our printing solution does not use any account systems; thus, users don’t need to set up anything – no accounts, no usernames, no passwords. Just easy printing.

Online payment for printing

Fast installation

Our cloud-based printing solution is self-updating, doesn’t take up much space and takes just 15 minutes to install.

Online payment for printing


We currently support English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Latvian and Arabic. To see all languages we support click here.

Online payment for printing

Print all formats

Princh includes the largest collection of printable formats to make sure users can easily print all their documents. We currently support more than 200 file formats.

Online payment for printing

Private and secure

All connections are SSL encrypted and payments are secure. Our data processing model allows you to offer our printing service in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Reduce cash payments

Increase revenue

Generate income from printing. Princh does not require staff to operate the printing process.

Online payment for printing

Eliminate paper waste

Printing with Princh will eliminate paper waste. Users must preview and pay for their prints before printing, which will in return reduce paper waste.

Online payment for printing

Tailored pricing

Princh’s pricing model is designed for all organisations, and budgets of all sizes. Services such as support and updates are included in the price.

Check out what our customers have to say

Lapeer District Library

Daisy Barajas

Lapeer District Library

“Princh is just really easy to use. It makes it easy for people to come in with last minute printing to quickly get what they need.”

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Obion county Public Library icon

Zach Crews

Obion County Public Library

“It really just made every aspect of printing easier, far easier than I ever thought possible”

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Amherst library icon

Alexa Moore

Amherst Town Library

“Princh saves steps for patrons printing from their email. Since they are using their own device, they don’t need to recall their email password”

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Horten City Library icon

Knut Hellum

Horten City Library

“The most important aspects we like about Princh is the ability to print and pay from all devices and that users can print without assistance from a library staff member.”

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“If you want something self-service and reliable with
minimum need for support hours, then go for Princh.”

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Morten Juhl Hansen, Copenhagen Business School

“It really just made every aspect of printing easier, far easier than I ever thought possible”

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“We are very happy to get Princh as a solution for our library because it’s easy to use and we also believe the visitors have taken it to their hearts and they use it every day”

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“The most important aspects we like about Princh is the ability to print and pay from all devices and that users can print without assistance from a library staff member.”

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Lisa Hemsøe, Horten City Library

How Princh made life easier for Randers Library?

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What do our users say?

“I use this app at least two times a day to get postal printouts to ship items via internet sales. is so much easier to use the mobile then it is to login on the computer is so easy a kid can do it I’ve never had one problem thank you”

Gary, Google Play Review

“Worked perfectly, was extremely quick and easy to figure out!”

Melissa, Google Play Review

“Well that was easy..even for a techno phobe”

Steve, Google Play Review

“I was in a rush, librarian told me of the app, easy peasy!!!”

Lesley, Google Play Review

“Easy to use, good amount of printing locations”

Dovydas, Google Play Review

“So easy great for people with no home printer.”

Connie, Google Play Review

“Easy to use and connected, it even found the closest library I didn’t know existed haha! :)”

Jason, Google Play Review

“Used for the 1st time in my local library. Great option for printing short documents from my phone. Will greatly speed up my printing chores in future.”

Calvin, Google Play Review
Self-service printing solution
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