Princh is the new standard for public printing

By becoming a Princh partner, you can offer your customers an innovative way to streamline existing printing, copying and scanning services, create and offer new services, and secure new channels of revenue.

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Why become a Princh partner?

Cost-effective and easy-to-use product

A product your customers will love

The cost efficiency, intuitiveness, and simplicity of Princh makes it an incredibly easy to sell to your customers – 75% sales hit rate in Denmark!

Co-created with libraries to solve their problems

Solve real customer problems

Make printing easy again for your customers. Princh was co-created with libraries, ensuring that it solves real problems that many libraries have faced rolling out other printing solutions or in everyday situations.

Princh has a pay-per-use model

Generate recurring revenue

Princh operates on a “pay per use” model, meaning that revenue is continuously linked to actual usage at your customers’ locations and not one-time license or installation fees.

Become a Princh partner

Why did Sweden’s largest supplier of IT to libraries choose Princh?

“The Princh platform offers in-depth interaction with customers, a vision that is totally aligned with our promise of providing great advice to our community.”


To ensure the success of our Princh partners and their customers, we do have some requirements that we expect all of our partners to meet as part of the program.

Offer support for your customers

Customer support

Princh partners will be responsible for providing excellent first-level support to their customers. This covers things like immediate troubleshooting and questions related to the regular day-to-day use of the Princh products.

Be a market leader in your industry

Market leader in your industry

The ideal Princh partner has a leading position within their target market. This means that they already have a large customer base, a network of potential customers, and a respectable reputation based on years of experience in their target market.


Apart from representing the future of printing, being a Princh partner gives you access to resources that will ensure that you are successful in bringing Princh to as many locations as possible.

Become a Princh partner and receive personal training

Personal training

All Princh partners will get hands-on and personal training from members of the Princh team to ensure that partners become experts in understanding the Princh concept, value proposition, and technical aspects.

Become a Princh partner and get access to our success tools

Success tools

As a Princh partner you will get access to many tools to help you succeed such as: extensive and regularly updated FAQ and knowledge base and tested and proven sales materials.

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