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May 2017

How to get more users to the library? – Interview with Peterborough Libraries from the UK

May 29th, 2017|Categories: Public Libraries|Tags: , , , |

On our quest to find out more about the open library concept and how it is perceived outside Scandinavia, we’ve interviewed Peterborough Libraries from the UK. Lisa Roberts, Head of Culture and Leisure at Peterborough City Council shares insights on how the concept was first implemented in the UK and how it managed to get more users to libraries.  How to get more users to libraries? Peterborough Central Library 1. What were the reasons to implement this new concept and add more open hours to [...]

How to get more patrons to the library? Implement a “more open” library

May 22nd, 2017|Categories: Public Libraries|Tags: , , , |

The open library concept is relatively new and highly controversial, as Carl Gustav Johansen mentioned in our interview last week. Even so, this combination of staffed and unmanned library services is beneficial to the community and it ensures the need for libraries is fulfilled, especially in smaller communities. In Denmark, 86 out of 97 library systems have open libraries, resulting in 260 open libraries. The libraries in Denmark are open for almost 33.000 hours a year with 56% being opening hours without staff in branch libraries. The [...]

How to use library technology and attract more users? – An interview with Carl Gustav Johannsen

May 15th, 2017|Categories: Public Libraries|Tags: , , , , |

This week, we interview Carl Gustav Johannsen, writer and researcher of library innovation in Denmark. He shares insights on new concepts in the library world and how self-service library technology can help offer a better service to modern users. How implementing new library technology can get more visitors to the library Source: Seattle Public Library   1. Can you tell us and our readers a bit about yourself? I am an associate professor at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen and my research is [...]

How to attract more people to your public library? – Use a self-service library system

May 8th, 2017|Categories: Public Libraries|Tags: , , , |

Modern libraries are much more than lending books, they have become a community space, where people of all ages can spend hours participating in group meetings, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, play games, watch TV, listen to music, talk with counselors, pay taxes and much more. In a society where the library is considered a “third place”, a local meeting place, the social interaction and the exchange between people has become the increasingly important and the staff needs more time for the patrons. This is just one reason why [...]

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