For IT professionals

Find a quick technical overview of Princh for your IT team below

For IT Professionals

Princh Cloud Connector Requirements

Please note that some requirements for our Copy & Scan product may differ from what is listed below. For more specific and in-depth information, please download our technical requirements document.

Network / firewall requirements

  • Internet connection to the printer server with a bandwidth of at least 10 Mbit
  • We advise only using an encryption connection on port 443 – and only outbound
  • Wired network connection to the printer server and printers is highly recommended
  • To see further settings requirements, please review our tech requirements

Server requirements

  • Operating system: Windows OS (Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 or newer) or Debian based Linux
  • 2 GHz or more
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • 10 GB available disk space
  • The server needs to be running whenever you expect printing activity to occur, including unmanned hours.

Printer compatibility

  • Printers must have a fixed local IP address or a fixed local DNS name on your network
  • We strongly recommend your printers not to be located on public networks
  • Our secure release feature and copy & scan product both require certain UI devices. You can find the specs for these devices in our tech requirements
  • Our printing solution is compatible with any printer. Our copy & scan solution requires a printer that supports AirPrint version 1.4 or newer. If you are unsure whether your printer is compatible with our solution, contact us at


Below are some of the measures Princh is taking to protect your users’ privacy.

  • All documents are end-to-end encrypted using asymmetric encryption, meaning only the locally installed Princh Cloud Connector and the selected printer can decrypt the documents
  • All documents are deleted from the system after 24 hours
  • Staff have the option to mask document names in the Princh Admin Panel
  • Our secure release feature allows users to manually release the print jobs when they are physically at the printer

Our data processing model is ISO 27001:2022 certified. You can read more about our certification here.

Secure above all
Princh Data Model


As a cloud-based solution, Princh is quick and simple to install, and can be deployed on large networks using various deployment tools. It can also be installed on virtual environments.
Here is the flow of our installation process:

  • We need some basic information about your printers, like their brand, model, and IP address
  • Then, you can book an installation date with our support team to set up the software at your organization
  • During the installation, our team will install the Princh Cloud Connector, give you a walkthrough of the system, and test your setup

And that is it! Once installed, you can fully manage Princh at your organization..