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Do we need to open any ports to be able to use the Princh system?

We use the standard internet ports 443 and 5222 outgoing ports – and only outgoing. These are usually open and there is no need to configure anything network settings.

What operating systems can we use with Princh?

We support Windows and Linux operating systems.

Can we use Princh in a virtual environment?

Yes, Princh works on virtual enviroments (Windows Terminal server, Citrix, VM ware etc.).

Is Princh easy to install?

Yes, Princh is cloud based and thus very fast to install with minimal configuration. There’s only a light server and client side installation needed.

Can the Princh client software be deployed with standard deployment tools?

Yes, the Princh software package is easy configurable for various deployment tools.

What printers are supported by Princh?

ALL. Princh supports all printers no matter the model or type.

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Princh for Linux

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