BYOD Printing

Transform your printing process with our powerful Bring Your Own Device solution, simplifying printing from any device!

Princh BYOD Printing Solution
Princhy Using BYOD Printing

A little about Princh BYOD Printing

Our BYOD solution allows users to print and pay from any of their own devices.

When printing from a smartphone or tablet, users can simply scan a QR code to start the printing and payment process from the Princh web app. Our printing flow displays large and clear buttons, so even less tech-savvy users can easily navigate through it. If preferred, users can also download the free Princh Android or iOS app too.

When printing from a laptop, users access the Princh web app, upload their document(s) to print, select settings, and finally pay using one of the many options available. Princh works on any laptop with a browser, including Macs and Chromebooks.

Princhy Using BYOD Printing

With our BYOD printing you will get a solution that:

  • Requires NO usernames, accounts or passwords;
  • Requires NO apps or money deposits;
  • Has truly integrated electronic payment (f.x. Apple Pay, Google Pay);
  • Sets the standard for security. Read more here;
  • Is compatible with any device, printer and software;
  • Requires NO additional hardware.
The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Learn why you need a BYOD printing solution for your organization

Download our in-depth guide and see why your organization should implement a BYOD solution.

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BYOD Guide for Libraries