How Princh Made Life Easier for Randers Library

“We are very happy to get Princh as a solution for our library because it’s easy to use and we also believe the visitors have taken it to their hearts and they use it every day” explains Mads Mejer Frederiksen, librarian at Randers Library in our video testimonial for Princh.”

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United States
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United States

Amherst Town Library

New Hampshire

Amherst Town Library is a member of the 12 library Consortium GMILCS and is located in South-Central New Hampshire.
Before Princh, Amherst Town Library dealt with a complicated and staff dependent solution that was making wireless printing unnecessarily difficult.

After launching Princh, Amherst Town Library has overcome their previous challenges and able to offer a superior solution.  Once we introduced the service, patrons were completely self-reliant.

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Obion County Public Library


Obion County Public Library has the third largest public library collection in the Western part of Tennessee. Before Princh, the library had problems with releasing print jobs, looking up past print releases, and sometimes print jobs would get lost

After launching the service, the staff recognized that adding Princh at the library has helped them overcome their previous challenges with printing by offering a simple solution for patrons to print from all devices.  “It really just made every aspect of printing easier, far easier than I ever thought possible.”

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Lapeer District Library


Lapeer District Library is a seven-branch library system that operates in rural mid-Michigan. They wanted a system that would allow direct printing from devices at all of the branches and was easy for staff to use. Lapeer District Library implemented Princh’s printing solution May 2018.

After launching the service, the staff recognized that adding Princh at the library has become a valuable service they can offer to the people of Lapeer County.  “I think what we enjoy most about Princh as staff members is the ease of the product and that it’s filling a need for patrons we previously couldn’t offer.”

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United Kingdom

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a unique central London borough that has the third highest population density in London. Before Princh, the libraries were losing visitors looking to print because their prior print service and setup was complicated and rigorous.

After launching Princh, the library staff and visitors have found printing to be simple. The libraries have overcome their previous challenges and now are able to offer printing for all visitors effortlessly and efficiently. The benefits have been appreciated. “We use Princh because it is simple and easy”.

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Söderhamn Bibliotek


Söderhamn Bibliotek ligger i Söderhamn, Sverige. Biblioteket ville tillåta självbetjäningstryck för sina besökare, samtidigt som man undviker oönskade utskrifter.

Efter att ha lanserat tjänsten är besökarna praktiskt självförsörjande, förlitar sig endast på egna mobiltelefoner att skriva ut. “När de väl hade provat Princh och insåg hur enkelt det var så var de väldigt nöjda.

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Horten City Library


Horten Library is a branch library part of the Vestfold County Libraries in Norway. A challenge they faced regarding printing was that there were users who would accidentally print more pages than they needed to and their previous printing solution did not offer users the capability to print from their mobile devices. Horten Li­brary made Princh available to their visitors in  May 2017.

The most important aspects we like about Princh is the ability to print and pay from all devices and that users can print without assistance from a library staff member, making the process more efficient for both the user and the staff.

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Randers Library


Randers Library has always been at the forefront of innovation at Danish libraries. Before introducing Princh, Randers Library didn’t have any sort of printing system to support the users or staff at the library. Randers Library implemented Princh’s full solution in early November 2015.

After launching the service, the staff recognized they are saving a lot of time not having to assist their users in need of printing. “The service has benefited everyone. Users don’t need to sign up in the system and, as the payment method is electronic, library staff does not need to hand any payments or deposit money in the bank. Now, they have more time to help users with borrowing books and doing research”, points out Hans Nielsen.

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Other Organisations

Studenterlauget Aarhus University


As one of the largest student unions in Denmark, Studenterlauget which is based at Aarhus University serves over 3000 students by providing many services including 24/7 printing availability at the Studenterlauget Office.

After implementing Princh in early 2016, Studenterlauget was able to greatly reduce the time their staff spent on troubleshooting printing problems. Students are now able to print not only from the web or on the office PCs but also from their mobile devices. Finally, Studenterlauget was able to expand the number of students they offered printing services to, as Princh does not require user accounts, any student at the university could pay and print whenever they needed to.

CBS Case Study Cover Photo

Copenhagen Business School


CBS is a Danish university with over 25,000 enrolled students. Their previous solution required their staff to spend hours on providing support for printing. It also required the university to store their users’ log in data and money deposits, while protecting their privacy.

After launching Princh, the staff’s interaction with printing services has been greatly reduced. With no user accounts required, the solution made printing at CBS much more GDPR convenient. If you want something self-service and reliable with minimum need for support hours, then go for Princh.

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"I use this app at least two times a day to get postal printouts to ship items via internet sales. is so much easier to use the mobile then it is to login on the computer is so easy a kid can do it I’ve never had one problem thank you"
Gary, Google Play Review
"Worked perfectly, was extremely quick and easy to figure out!"
Melissa, Google Play Review
"I was in a rush, librarian told me of the app, easy peasy!!!"
Lesley, Google Play Review
"Well that was easy..even for a techno phobe"
Steve, Google Play Review
"This is a good app for mobile printing of documents."
Xavier, Google Play Review
"Easy to use, good amount of printing locations"
Dovydas, Google Play Review

"Easy to use and connected, it even found the closest library I didn’t know existed haha! :)"

Jason, Google Play Review

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