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Lapper District Library
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Lapeer District Library, USA

The Lapeer District Library is a seven-branch library system that operates in rural mid-Michigan. They wanted a system that would allow direct printing from devices at all of the branches and was easy for staff to use. Lapeer District Library implemented Princh’s printing solution May 2018.

After launching the service, the staff recognized that adding Princh at the library has become a valuable service they can offer to the people of Lapeer County.  “We were all taken aback by how easy and efficient the whole process seemed. I think what we enjoy most about Princh as staff members is the ease of the product and that it’s filling a need for patrons we previously couldn’t offer.”

Randers Bibliotek - customer printing stories
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Randers Library, Denmark

Randers Library has always been at the forefront of innovation at Danish libraries and in 2002, Randers was the first library to launch e-book loans in Denmark. Before introducing Princh, Randers Library didn’t have any sort of printing system to support the users or staff at the library. “For many years, users who wanted to print had to ask the staff and then pay in cash at the info desk. We spent quite a bit of time and resources on this”, explains Hans Nielsen, development manager at Randers Library.

Randers Library implemented Princh’s full solution in early November 2015. After launching the service, the staff recognized they are saving a lot of time not having to assist their users in need of printing. “The service has benefited everyone. Users don’t need to sign up in the system and, as the payment method is electronic, library staff does not need to hand any payments or deposit money in the bank. Now, they have more time to help users with borrowing books and doing research”, points out Hans Nielsen.

Studenterlauget - customer printing stories

Studenterlauget, Aarhus University

As one of the largest student unions in Denmark, Studenterlauget which is based at Aarhus Univeristy, serves over 3000 students by providing many services including 24/7 printing availability at the Studenterlauget Office. Before Princh, Studenterlauget’s existing solution was incredibly complicated, required a large amount of both technological and human resources to continuously service and troubleshoot issues that would frequently occur with the complex system.

After implementing Princh in early 2016, Studenterlauget was able to greatly reduce the amount of time their small all-student staff spent on troubleshooting printing problems. Furthermore, with Princh, students were now able to print not only from the web or on the public PCs at the office, but also from their mobile devices, which was incredibly useful for many students who use their mobile devices extensively. Finally, Studenterlauget was able to expand the amount of students they offered printing services to, as Princh did not require any user accounts, any student at the university could pay and print whenever they needed to.

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