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Find out why Princh is the printing and payment industry leader when it comes to information security!

Princhy The Security Hero

ISO 27001:2022 certified

We are the first company in the printing and payment industry to achieve the ISO 27001:2022 certification, which is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in information security.

This certification can help you shortlist vendors, as it provides clear guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system

We at Princh don’t rest on laurels – our security practices are being regularly assessed, ensuring that we always stay ahead of the competition.

You can read more about our certification here.

ISO Certification
Secure And Private

A paragon of privacy

We use leading-edge cryptography strategies to ensure your users’ documents remain private. With Princh, there are no centrally managed decryption keys – your users’ documents are immediately encrypted upon being uploaded, and only the local print server has access to the decryption key. This means that neither Princh nor any third party can access the content of the uploaded documents.

As there are no user accounts with Princh, your patrons can use the software completely anonymously. The only exception to this is when users ask for a receipt or send their scanned documents to their email address, however, even in these cases, we do not log or store the email addresses, and they are immediately deleted automatically. Additionally, all documents and collected email addresses are automatically deleted from the system after 24 hours.

Secure And Private

Industry leading security

Princh is setting the standard for printing, copying, scanning and payment in the public space. To make our solutions as secure as possible we:

  • do not require users to identify themselves in any way, nor do we gather any confidential data on them.
  • do not send scanned documents directly attached to an email. Instead, we send a password protected link to the user to access their document(s).
  • can mask document titles in the Princh Administration Panel, so only the first four characters and the file extension is visible.
  • constantly update our software to align with new security principles; and these updates are free of charge!
  • use a PCI compliant payment provider for our integrated electronic payment solution.
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Upgrade the security of your document services!

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