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No licenses. No subscriptions. No paid features.

Princh just receives a small fee per print job – not per page. Simple pricing, even simpler printing.

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 0,15 USD

per document,

not per page

Mobile, laptop and desktop platform

The Princh platform comes with free mobile, tablet and PC apps so your users can pay and print from anywhere

Payment gateway and acquirer agreements

Our agreements with payment providers ensures transactions are handled quickly and securely

Managed accounting

All billing and accounting is handled by Princh and delivered in a neat quarterly report to you

E-mail and phone support

If you ever hit any snags or problems, you can always contact our partners or our Princh HQ for support

Free and managed cloud platforms

All of our software including the mobile and PC apps are managed and kept updated by us

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“We finally found a print solution for our users which our municipal IT also fell for.”

It-administrator, Næstved Bibliotek, Denmark.

“I regret that we did not get started with Princh right away when I heard about it the first time. Had I known how easy it is to implement, we would have done it right away”

Development manager, Lejre Bibliotek, Denmark

“We have had Princh for 1,5 years now and are very happy. Before Princh we spent a lot of time helping users with printing. With Princh our users are now 100% self-reliant. That means a lot less resources spent on printing by the staff.”

Librarian, Slagelse Bibliotek, Denmark

“Clever that the users have to pay before they print, and those who want to can pay by credit card directly in the computer”

Librarian, Norrköping Bibliotek, Sweden

“The visitors are very pleased with Princh”

Maria Gustavsson, IT-librarian, Söderhamns Bibliotek, Sweden
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