A common occurrence we encounter in our everyday routines is placing a definition to something. We do this for many reasons but a lot of times it is so we can assign a meaning or possibly a value to that item. However, this can be a difficult task, especially when we attempt to do this to something that is complex, deep rooted and ever evolving like a library!

Libraries are constantly adapting and evolving, impacting many people in many ways and allow access to resources to all that visit them on or offline. Let us not forget the deep-rooted relationships libraries have with the communities they serve.

So how can you a define a library? The Princh team asked a handful of people that exact question and here is how they defined a library.

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The definition of a library is…

The question we asked was: What is your definition of a library?

The quote we received from Sammy, illustrates the freedom libraries can empower us all with.

“A library is a place where people can gather, educate themselves and read, have fun and socialize, but also have time to themselves. It can be whatever you make it. That’s why it’s so great!”

The quote from Bobby, paints a vivid picture of how librarians and library staff illuminate and bring the library to life.

“A library is a collection of many different resources – physical and audiobooks, research papers, audiovisual materials, computer access, etc. While that in itself is useful, it only really comes alive when it’s filled with people. The librarians, library assistants and all who work there are the ones turning a collection of stuff into a facility with endless use cases and bottomless potentials.”

This quote from Greta is a nice reminder how resource rich libraries are.

“While primarily the library is associated with books, to me, it is a hub of resources for the community. The library offers a variety of resources that, with the help of passionate librarians, can be found and experienced.”

An impactful quote from Erika who demonstrates how libraries provide access and are welcoming to all!

”When I think of the library, I think of a place that provides countless resources for various subjects and creates a space for different ages, specialties, cultures people meet and share their knowledge, and this way build a special community.”

Our final quote from Marc exhibits how libraries build better communities.

”Libraries are impactful on so many levels but none more than the significant impact they make on communities! They provide opportunities for community to better themselves individually and collectively and are a safe common ground where many activities can be held!”

How do you define the library?

The definition of a library is different for everyone but what seems to shine through when defining the library, or at least the one shared in this blog is that libraries provide value for everyone!

What is your definition of the library? Let us know in the comments below or by writing us on our Princh socials.

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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