New year, same love for libraries! We cannot wait to continue to share informative, useful, and interesting library posts with you all in 2022. We thought it would be nice to reflect on the top 5 posts from 2021, before we continue our Princh Library Blog journey in 2022!

In this post we will share an infographic of our top 5 most read posts from 2021 and short summary of the post with the link to read it in full. Enjoy, and here is to another great year writing content for libraries and library professionals all over the world! We cannot wait to share more amazing posts throughout 2022!

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Princh Library Blog Top 5 Posts 2021 Infographic

Number #5

Just in case someone you know needs reasons to visit their public library!

Blog Title: 5 Reasons why libraries are essential to have

As we know, most people today use search engines to find answers to their questions, not thinking about the sources or reliability of these “answers”. In this post, you will read about five concrete reasons why libraries are essential to have and why visitors appreciate them. You can read the full post by clicking here –

Number #4

A great reminder of the importance of libraries to students!

Blog title: How academic libraries affect student success

Student libraries are educational centers that fuel students with academic resources, working spaces and the opportunity for self-development. They also encourage thinking processes, creativity, and inquisitiveness. In this post, you will find out whether student libraries have a real impact on academic success and if yes, how exactly are they boosting the academic results. You can read the full post by clicking here –

Number #3

Who doesn’t love history? Especially when it is about the history of libraries!

Blog title: The history of libraries II – Middle Ages and Renaissance

In part 2 of our 3-part series on the history of libraries, we explore the background, role, advancements, and impact of libraries in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. You can read the full post by clicking here –

Number #2

Libraries are a prominent place of access to new technologies for communities. Whether its learning or hands on experience with new tech, libraries provide access.

Blog title: The tech landscape & libraries 2021

This informative post discusses the technological landscape both in 2021 and looking ahead, as well as how libraries can best adapt to this landscape. Check it out, and make your library proactive, and not reactive, when it comes to tech!  You can read the full post by clicking here –

Number #1

Can you imagine a world without libraries? We can’t either!

Blog title: Will libraries be relevant in the future?

Libraries have progressed by adapting to the ongoing needs of communities, thus reinforcing their key role and importance. But are they going to stay relevant in the future? How can they continue to be a central element in society as the digital dominance continues? You can read the full post by clicking here –

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