Libraries play a significant role in advocating for literacy with many resources and services provided to people of all ages. The foundation of learning and development that each library represents in their own community, is a reason why libraries are an absolute foundation piece to communities.

Within our growing network, we have been able to connect with some interesting people and institutions that collaborate well with libraries and look to keep improving libraries with innovative ideas and products. In this week’s blog post we learn about a literacy organization with a mission to give children a chance to read and develop through an app and help of libraries.

What is Make Way for Books? 

Make Way for Books is an early literacy non-profit organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Our mission is to give all children the chance to read and succeed. For more than 20 years, Make Way for Books has worked to ensure young children (ages birth to 5) have the early literacy and language skills that prepare them for success in school and beyond. You can find out more about the exciting things Make Way for Book does on our website

How has Make Way for Books collaborated with libraries?

As of right now, we have established a wonderful partnership with the Pima County Public Library in Tucson, AZ, focused around the Make Way for Books App. As an early literacy non-profit organization, we value libraries as one of our most important resources, providing support and equitable access to information for the community.

The Make Way for Books App encourages families to find great books at their local library in addition to providing access to electronic books that can be read anywhere. In essence, our app can drive more people to make use of their local libraries. By partnering with Pima County Public Library, we receive much needed help in spreading the word about our app, via short and engaging educational videos included within the app! We also promote the services and community programs the libraries provide for the families they serve. We hope to establish many more partnerships with libraries outside of Pima County in the very near future, as well as continue to reinforce the overall importance of our community libraries. Anyone interested in learning more about our amazing app can be found right here

How has Make Way For Books helped people find books in the library? 

 The Make Way for Books App is an early-literacy, bilingual tool that gives families with little ones (specifically ages 0-5) access to books right at their fingertips. Our app encourages families to have more loving interactions with their young children around books. 

Our app also helps users find age-appropriate books at their local library! We have partnered with our local public library system in Pima County, where the app utilizes the device’s location to show where they can find those recommended books at the library branch nearest to them. 

We’re not just stopping there – we will also be expanding this functionality to public library systems beyond Pima County (beginning with Phoenix and Maricopa County), so that this feature can be available outside of Tucson. We will be hard at work connecting our app to other library systems throughout the state and beyond, so if you are interested in us connecting to your library system, or would like to learn more about the Make Way for Books App, please be sure to contact Fernando González, Digital Director at Make Way for Books, at


Continuing to develop library services and resources is an important initiative for libraries, specifically public libraries, as offering modern solutions to library visitors is something that is becoming more and more expected. This is not to say that traditional resources and services have to be altered but a variety of offerings is important for the many different library users and visitors.

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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 Co-Author Fernando González, the Digital Director

Co-Author: Brieanna, Digital division specialist