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Why The Library Intimidates Me – Interview with a non-user

November 21st, 2019|

There are many articles and information on enhancing the modern library to continue to develop the experience for library visitors and surrounding communities. This, of course, is an extremely important aspect to continue to [...]

Delivering A Sustainable Future For UK Libraries

October 24th, 2019|

Having an organisation or consulting body advise, improve and advocate for a collective can provide assistance with accelerating change and developments to a whole industry. Commonly, libraries follow this approach by being associated with [...]

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So what does Princh have to do with Libraries?

Well… We make the lives of library staff and patrons a little easier by offering a user-friendly and innovative printing solution that was built in collaboration with Danish libraries – it’s now spreading quickly internationally.

To be great at what we do we pay close attention to insights, trends and needs in the industry, and our library blog is a fantastic place to share our knowledge with you!

Share your insights with us!

We are always interested in finding new people to share their voices with libraries worldwide. Contact us at marc@princh.com and be part of our Princh guest community.

Let’s bring together libraries from around the world!

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