In an era dominated by digital technologies and sustainability concerns, it’s surprising to see how many college campuses still rely on outdated printing solutions. While advancements in communication and information sharing have revolutionized the way we learn, print services in higher education institutions seem to be stuck in the past.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why most college printing solutions are outdated and discuss the way forward to a modernized approach.

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Reasons why many college printing solutions are outdated

Legacy software

People have purchased legacy software that they are reluctant to replace for various reasons. This factor makes it challenging to justify switching to a new solution. The maintenance and operation of numerous standalone printers in the printing infrastructure consume significant amounts of paper, ink, and energy, resulting in high costs. These expenses burden both students and institutions, creating unnecessary financial strain.

Limited integration with external printing services

Today’s students heavily rely on their mobile devices for academic tasks. While external printing services can be a viable alternative, they often lack seamless integration with college systems. These services are not specifically designed with colleges in mind, which can complicate the payment process for students. Depositing money separately adds an additional layer of complexity to the printing experience.

Insufficient self-service printing and payment solutions

In the age of smartphones and ubiquitous connectivity, limited accessibility to printing options remains a significant drawback for college students. Many campuses still rely on centralized printing centres with restricted operating hours, creating inconveniences for students who need last-minute printing or have busy schedules that don’t align with the printing centre’s availability. To address this issue, colleges should prioritize implementing self-service printing solutions that allow students to conveniently print their documents at any time. Moreover, integrating seamless payment solutions within these self-service options would streamline the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for students.

Sustainability concerns

Colleges are placing more emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainable practices. However, outdated printing solutions contradict these efforts. Excessive paper waste, energy consumption, and the use of non-eco-friendly ink cartridges contribute to the institution’s carbon footprint. To align with their sustainability goals, colleges should prioritize modernizing printing systems to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The Way Forward: Modernizing College Printing Solutions

Implement cloud printing

Cloud printing allows students to send print jobs from any device connected to the internet, eliminating the need for on-campus computer access. By utilizing cloud-based services, colleges can enhance convenience, compatibility, and accessibility for students while reducing the strain on physical printing infrastructure.

Embrace mobile printing

Developing or adopting user-friendly mobile printing that can significantly improve the student experience. These mobile solutions should seamlessly integrate with the campus printing infrastructure, enabling students to print directly from their own devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets. Mobile printing can streamline the printing process.

Enhance sustainability initiatives

Colleges should prioritize sustainable printing practices by implementing double-sided printing as the default option and looking for a solution that reduces paper waste. Colleges should also encourage digital alternatives such as e-books and online submission platforms. Additionally, investing in energy-efficient printers, recycling programs, and using eco-friendly ink cartridges can help reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Easy to use for everyone

College institutions should consider implementing a modern, user-friendly printing solution. This solution should be one that allows students to easily print and pay from any of their own devices. Students are accustomed to using modern technologies in their every day, so, the solution your college chooses should align with what they are already accustomed to.

Time to upgrade

It’s time for colleges to acknowledge the shortcomings of their current printing solutions and embrace modernization.

Princh offers a modernized printing, copying, scanning and payment solution for colleges. By integrating Princh into your printing infrastructure, colleges can empower students with a convenient and efficient printing and payment experience that aligns with the demands of the digital era. Leave behind outdated printing methods and embrace the future of college printing with Princh!

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