The Princh team loves libraries, and that is probably clear to all the library professionals who read our library blog on a consistent basis. Recently, a couple of our team members treated themselves to a visit to the amazingly beautiful Dokk1 library in Aarhus, Denmark.

That visit inspired this post, and we wanted to share parts of our visit with all our readers. So, in this post, we will bring some insights into this awesome library and make you feel like you were there with us on the visit.

Before we spotlight, the Dokk1 library here is some background information on this location. The beautiful Dokk1 library is located by the harbour in the city of Aarhus. It is strategically located in the heart of the city and is known by residents and tourists alike. Many biblio-tourists come to Dokk1 to check out the library’s fantastic architecture and services it provides.

Now, let’s get to it and spotlight the Dokk1 library!

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Community pillar

An amazing aspect of the Dokk1 library is that it is a pillar of the community it serves. Like most libraries, it breathes life into the community by providing access, services, and resources to all visitors. Moreover, the central location allows the library to be a great meeting spot for people, making the library a normal space to meet and hang out. Other initiatives such as holding conferences or having companies working out of the same building generate a wonderful environment that radiates inclusiveness to all those who would like to visit or utilize the library. In short, Dokk1 fosters a feeling of togetherness which makes it an important pillar of the community.

Inside the Dokk 1 library: The first picture is of the printing setup at Dokk 1 library, the second picture is of the lobby after entering the library.


A well-designed library is nice to look at but provides little value if it does not contain the helpful services that are facilitated by the amazing library staff and other professionals that work inside the library. Dokk1 has a long list of resources including large audio and book collections, digital services, citizens services (social workers), programs and tours. Dokk1 also has many self-service options such as its printing services. Dokk1 is using our user-friendly solution which allows library visitors to print and pay from any device easily and independently. This allows library staff to put their time into more valuable tasks and not worry about handling payments or printing problems. The Dokk1 library also has foundational services like free Wi-Fi, study spaces with comfy seating and outlets and a wonderful café.

Family fun

Another noteworthy item the Dokk1 library offers is the creative, play areas and open spaces made for families. Whether it is a costume area, indoor or outdoor play area, video game station or a place for music or 3-D printing, Dokk1 has made the library an attraction for families. This is specifically beneficial for parents because it provides low-cost outings for the family, but it also builds a foundation for the children visiting to have strong, happy memories built around the library which will hopefully lead to generations of families utilizing the library.


There are amazing libraries located all over the world, Dokk1 being one of them. Let this post be a reminder to go explore your local library and bask in the resources and services provided by them to the community and population they faithfully serve.  We hope you enjoyed this inside look at the Dokk1 library in Aarhus, Denmark. It was nice to be able to share this wonderful library with you all. If you decide to visit the Dokk1 library one day, make sure to tell the Princh Library Blog sent you :).

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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