How Princh made printing from any device easy and accessible for Obion County Public Library

Obion County Public Library

About Obion County Public Library

Union City is located in Obion County, in the Western part of Tennessee. This city is the home of just over 11,000 people and is located closely to the University of Tennessee in Martin. It is also home to the Obion County Public Library, which has the third largest public library collection in the Western part of Tennessee.

Obion County Public Library was established in 2003. As a county library, it is accessible for everyone living in Obion County. It has a large collection of books, audio and video materials.

Statistics about Obion County Public Library

  • 84,000 different materials
  • 36 public computers
  • 23,000 library cards
  • 32,000 people served
  • 2,000 weekly visitors

“Princh helped us overcome our previous challenges by offering a simple solution to print from all devices.”


Before installing Princh we had a similar printing solution, but we had problems with releasing print jobs, looking up past print releases, and sometimes print jobs would get lost. So, if somebody came in, printed out something in the morning and came back in the afternoon wanting to have a copy of their print job, we had almost no way to look up the previously printed out documents, meaning we could not serve them.

Our previous solution also did not offer any means for patrons to print from their own mobile devices. People had to send their documents to one of the library’s email addresses. We had that email address filled with private patron data, meaning I had to delete hundreds of emails every day.

Another issue that arose from the previous solution was that the library staff had to be available at all times during the day, so having staff meetings became a challenge.

Also, previously patrons could not print documents with more than two pages at the same time. If somebody wanted to printout a 10 page document, they would have had to break it up into multiple 1-2 page documents.

This issue also arose if patrons wanted to print more than one document at a time. In some cases, this led to a large number of separate print jobs for each patron.

OCPL Inside


Before Princh we had a number of days when our printing solution was not reliable enough. Print jobs were getting lost as they were being sent to our printers, thus we could not provide the best possible service to our patrons. So, we decided that we needed to have a new printing solution in place.

Our library gave our contact information to multiple companies offering these solutions and the Princh representatives were the first to contact us. After the initial phone call I knew Princh was the right solution for us.

As for the implementation, it was very quick and easy. All I had to do was setup a remote session with the customer success team at Princh and they handled the rest of the installation process. The installation process did not take more than 20 minutes, and all the features were ready to be used immediately, such as the integrated electronic payment, printing from all devices, access to the administration panel and more.

The customer support team is quick to respond and very friendly. If I send an email to them with a problem they answer within the same day, saying that the problem has been fixed or will be as soon as possible.

OCPL Inside 2


With Princh, we no longer face the issues we had before. They have helped us overcome our previous challenges with printing by offering a simple solution for patrons to print from all devices.

Princh made mobile printing simple. We put up the user guide poster above the printer where people could easily learn how to use the printing solution by themselves. The mobile app makes it simple as well. One just shares their document with Princh, scans the QR Code or enters the printer ID from the user guide poster, pays via their preferred way and the document is ready.

Being in a meeting or having no immediately available library staff is no longer a problem either, because people can print by themselves. They come in, pay, print and can use the rest of their time to explore the library and all that it has to offer.

People can now also print multiple pages and documents at once too. They are able to send all of their desired print jobs through the app and after payment it will be ready for them. Princh really just made every aspect of printing easier than I ever thought possible.

“It really just made every aspect of printing easier, far easier than I ever thought possible.”

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