Previously on the Princh Library Blog, we wrote about board games and how they can fit into your library’s collection. But, what’s better than a game you can enjoy fresh out of the box? Well, one that you can enjoy and customize! Those are the kind of games guest writer Nina Grant covers in this post; popular, well-known games which you can customize to your needs, print, and play. Enjoy!

From classics like Monopoly to fresh new titles, print-and-play games can be a popular addition to your library’s gaming selection. A print-and-play game is a convenient and cost-effective way for people to enjoy their favorite tabletop games — all it involves is printing out the game boards, cards, and tokens and assembling the pieces, before diving into hours of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. By putting together a varied selection that suits different interests, abilities, and skill levels, you can ensure your library’s print-and-play offerings include something for everyone.

Personalized Monopoly: create the board game of your dreams

Customizable print-and-play Monopoly puts a twist on the classic game because it infuses it with your own unique personality and interests, and gives you the chance to create your ideal board game. Inside jokes, memories, and favorite local spots can be incorporated into the board, while player tokens can also be customized to represent family members and pets. Monopoly is generally suitable for ages eight and up, and it’s one of the most popular board games in the world — meaning it’s bound to be a hit in your library. In addition to being a great bonding experience for players, Monopoly is also educational; it’s a fun way for parents to teach their kids about strategy, forward planning, and money management, as well as the importance of patience and controlling emotions. So, to make personalized Monopoly a part of your library’s print-and-play collection, all you need to do is provide the custom Monopoly template for patrons to download and print. They can then personalize it by hand with pens and markers, assemble the pieces, and let the fun commence.

Expanding your library’s print-and-play selection

When it comes to print-and-play games, Monopoly is just the beginning as there’s a whole world of titles out there to suit all ages, interests, and abilities. Snakes and Ladders is another popular classic that adapts well as a print-and-play game, requiring just a board, a few game pieces, and a die. A children’s game suitable for the ages of around three to seven, Snakes and Ladders is a fun way for little ones to strengthen their basic math skills. For older players, One Deck Dungeon (suitable for ages fourteen plus) is an exciting dungeon-crawl card game where players battle monsters and collect loot as they descend deeper into the dungeon. One Deck Dungeon is a 1-2 player game, although four players can play together simply by printing out two sets of cards (a die is also required).

Alternatively, “Welcome to…” is a popular roll-and-write game (that uses cards instead of die) where players design their own 1950s suburban neighborhoods. The aim of the game? To build the best town out of all your opponents. It’s suitable for ages ten+, and is best with three to four players. Before introducing print-and-play games to your library, spend time checking out online resources like communities, forums, and game databases to find out what games are trending among players right now. This way, you can be sure to put together an amazing selection that truly gives the people what they want.

Promoting print-and-play gaming at your library

Promoting your library’s print-and-play gaming services is essential to generate buzz and get people eager to try them out. So, create a print-and-play gaming display in your library showcasing the amazing games you have on offer, along with simple instructions explaining how to access and play them — let people know how easy the service is to use. Be sure to include colorful signs featuring game titles to catch attention. You can also post about print-and-play games on your library’s website to further raise awareness and generate interest. Posting simple and engaging video tutorials, in particular, is a great way to demonstrate setup instructions, as well as tips on playing the actual games themselves. You’ll also need to make sure you have a printing system in place, ensuring patrons can access their chosen games quickly and without hassle. For instance, Princh printing services offer a straightforward, user-friendly platform that lets people print game files directly from their own devices for ultimate ease and convenience.

Print-and-play games promise to be a popular addition to your library’s gaming section. Cheap, convenient, and customizable, print-and-play games can provide hours of laughter and friendly competition for all players.

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