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Future releases

Princh Cloud Printer

Princh Cloud Printer (PCP) is a replacement of the current Princh for Desktop application, built for Windows OS, that allows users to utilize the native print function across Windows applications.

PCP will offer a significant increase in speed and re-enable mobile app payment options such as MobilePay, Vipps, Swish and PayPal.

Customers who signed up for updates on the development have received notification about the opportunity to use the beta.

The first public release is pending but we expect it to be within a few weeks depending on the results from the beta. All customers will be notified when the public release is ready.

The beta testing is almost completed. Please check back here next week for an update on the action plan for the release version.

Let us know if you want the beta HERE.

Copy / Scan

Princh’s unique and user-friendly solution takes the complexity and staff involvement out of copying, scanning and the subsequent payment process.

The solution offers an intuitive wizard flow for users to follow. Uniquely, users will be forced to see a preview of their copy or scan job before completing the process. This will help prevent paper waste and significantly improve the user experience!

To avoid spamming, when users choose scan to email, they will receive an email with a link in their inbox to access and download the requested document. The message is sent using Princh’s email server. The solution strikes the best possible balance between ease-of-use and optimal data security.

Expected release date: 20th February 2022 – 1st July 2022


This project expands the existing encryption of users’ documents ensuring that all documents will be strongly encrypted while they are stored, and the secret key to decrypt the documents will be managed only by each customer’s Princh Cloud Connector – the server software that creates the connection between the printer and the Princh cloud.

Consequently, neither Princh nor any third party will be able to decrypt the users’ data – only the customer printer server that must print the document can do so. Documents are still automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Expected release date: 15th October 2021 – 15th December 2021

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Software changelogs

1st September 2021

  • Title masking now excludes the “http(s)://” and the “www.” parts from the unmasked characters, making it easier to identify these documents

19th August 2021

  • It is now possible to mask document titles, so only the first five characters and the file extension are stored and shown. The setting is located in the Printer privacy settings section on the Locations & Printers page.

9th August 2021

  • Improved error handling when users attempt to reset their password using an expired password reset link.

4th August 2021

  • Password strength requirements now apply when setting or resetting a password for a user account.

15th July 2021

  • A new tab called  Save Money  was added, which will show methods to save money on your next subscription (Currently US only)
  • New entries to the Staff Resources tab have been added. They include TeamViewer remote support and access to the release page for product updates. 

14th July 2021

  • The duplex setting can now be set by default on a printer from the printer settings on the Printers and locations page
  • The manual release feature can now be made mandatory from the printer settings on the Printers and locations page

6th July 2021

  • The printer status now has a small orange circle if the printer is online but with warnings, such as low paper or low marker levels

1st July 2021

  • Manual release feature can now be enabled and disabled via the printer settings on the Printers and locations page

1st June 2021

  • Printer status can now be seen on the Printers page. A green indicator means the printer is ready to accept print jobs. A red indicator means the printer is offline or has an error

Version 2.23 (released 14.07.2021)

  • When selecting a printer, duplex printing will be set automatically according to the printer’s default settings
  • The user is now informed that the document will be printed immediately after payment if a security code is not used
  • Security codes are now required on some printers

Version 2.22 (released 25.05.2021)

  • A problem was solved which on some printers caused errors in documents that are not in pdf format
  • Fixed an issue that caused reset of print settings after returning from preview

Version 2.21 (released 11.12.2020)

  • Now French, Latvian Russian and Spanish are also supported in the app
  • Improved stability

Version 2.20 (released 10.09.2020)

  • Now Princh also works if you use Dark Mode

Version 2.19 (released 17.07.2020)

  • Important compatibility updates
  • Fixing minor bugs and improving performance

Version 2.18 (released 12.02.2020)

  • Added secure printing feature (security code on print-jobs when supported by the printer)
  • General performance improvements

Version 2.17 (released 18.09.2018)

  • MobilePay option now available at print locations that support it
  • PayPal payment option now available at print locations that support it
  • GUI now supports Iphone X
  • Minor bux-fixes

Version 2.16 (released 09.03.2018)

  • Fixed payment window layout problems during 3D Secure payments
  • It is now easier to type your payment details in the payment window

Version 2.15 (released 2.03.2018)

  • Minor update to support future Princh features

Version 2.14 (released 18.12.2017)

  • Fixed a problem with accepting documents from e-Boks and possibly other apps sharing content with Princh

Version 2.13 (released 18.10.2017)

  • Now supports North American paper formats

Version 2.12 (released 20.09.2017)

  • Added support for Portuguese language
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.11 (released 25.08.2017)

  • minor bug fixes
  • required changes to support new Princh API

Version 2.10 (released 17.02.2017)

  • Now supports Arabic language

Version 2.9 (released 17.01.2017)

  • Now supports Finnish language

Version 2.8 (released 29.11.2016)

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.7 (released 19.10.2016)

  • Now supports Norwegian language

Version 2.6 (released 22.09.2016)

  • Minor fixes

Version 2.5 (released 13.09.2016)

  • Added new payment options, killed a few bugs and improved performance

Version 2.4 (released 29.06.2016)

  • Swedish language now supported

Version 2.3 (released 09.11.2015)

  • The Princh App now will help you find a publicly available printer, even if there are no Princh locations nearby.

Version 2.2 (released 06.10.2015)

  • Added the option to securely save credit card information for faster and easier payment

Version 2.1 (released 12.08.2015)

  • Added in-app guide that helps users get started with Princh
  • Various usability improvements
  • Removed geographic restrictions on the map for locating printers. Now is possible to find all printers and not only those close to the user’s location.
  • Added German Language and general functionality supporting the use of Princh outside of Denmark

Version 2.0 (released 22.07.2015)


  • Added support for printing web-pages from safari
  • Added support for printing photos directly from Photos app

(don’t forget to enable the extension “Print with Princh” on your device!)


    • Various bug-fixes and stability improvements

<li”>Improved UI responiveness

  • Fixed an issue, where receipts opened from Print Job History would show the total price without inclusion of VAT

Version 1.0 (released 23.06.2015)

Version 3.6.0 (Released 14.07.2021)

  • When selecting a printer, the duplex option will now be set according to the printer defaults
  • The user is now informed that print jobs will print immediately after payment when printing without a release code
  • Release codes are now mandatory for some printers

Version 3.5.3 (Released 21.06.2021)

  • An issue was fixed that would cause files with titles containing Arabic letters to fail to print

Version 3.5.2 (Released 10.05.2021)

  • An issue that caused problems printing non-pdf documents on certain printers was resolved
  • A user interface issue that caused problems using the app with very large fonts was resolved
  • General performance improvements were implemented

Version 3.4.4 (Released 10.12.2020)

  • The app is now available in French, Latvian, Russian and Spanish
  • Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.4.3 (Released 10.09.2020)

  • Fixes a problem that would make Princh the default viewer for printable files
  • Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.4.2 (Released 16.07.2020)

  • Important compatibility updates
  • Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.4.0  (released 11.02.2020)

  • Added secure printing feature (security code on print-jobs when supported by printer)
  • General performance improvements

Version 3.3.1  (released 24.01.2019)

  • fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when printing after using the Princh map feature
  • improved performance of the Princh map feature

14th July 2021

  • The duplex setting will now be enabled by default if the Princh host who owns the printer has decided it should
  • The user is now informed in advance if documents will be printed immediately after payment or if a release code will be provided
  • The user now is only allowed to unselect the use of a release code if the Princh host who owns the printer has decided that it is optional

23rd June 2021

  • It is now possible to use all features on without a mouse (using the tabulator key to switch between controls)
  • The app now automatically focuses on the appropriate input field when entering text
  • The maximum file size that are allowed when uploading documents on has been raised to 60 MB (was 30 MB before)

15th June 2021

  • It is now easier to enter the printer ID using a softkeyboard on a mobile device
  • The content now scales to better fit phone and tablet screens

Version 2.4.3

– Now supports German language
– All assemblies are now signed with Princh’s digital certificate
– Minor security and stability improvements

Version 2.4.2

– Fixed an issue that would prevent the user from printing again, if a completed print job window is active in the background (minimised)

Version 0.9.19

– Fixed a bug that would cause issues with uploading files on Ubuntu 18