On this week’s Princh Library Blog, we share a fun infographic, created by Expert Editor, that will provide you with the ultimate guide to finding your next book to read. Check out the infographic below to see which book fits your interest perfectly!

This infographic originally was posted by Expert Editor. You can access the original post here.

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Books make satisfying companions when you bring them along on your excursions. Bill Gates, for instance, likes to bring a duffel bag stuffed with books with him when he goes off for vacation. Barack Obama loves to read his books in the sun by the beach.

Sunshine and family make great company, but something there’s nothing better than diving into a rich, immersive story. The only thing between you and enjoying a great read is the leap of faith it takes to open the cover! Now, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

This infographic is loaded to the brim with authors and books that call to all types of readers. The best part about it? Most of these paths lead to multiple books for you to choose from – each with a quick word to describe the story that lies between its covers.

Easy on the eyes, user-friendly, and guaranteed to leave you satisfied; give this infographic a go, and let’s find you a book to sink your teeth into this summer.

The Ultimate Flowchart For Finding Your Next Book

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Introduction text and blog coordination by Isabel Cabrera.

Research and the infographic by The Expert Editor

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