With Halloween celebrations around the corner, this week’s Princh Library Blog post will look into how can libraries embrace the spooky spirit! Read the article for tips and ideas on how to create a spine-tingling atmosphere in your library!

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As the leaves change color and a cool breeze fills the air, libraries have a unique chance to embrace the Halloween spirit. Halloween is not just about costumes and candy; it is an opportunity for libraries to encourage a love for reading, inspire creativity, and strengthen community bonds.
In this blog post, we will therefore explore how librarians can easily incorporate Halloween celebrations into their services, creating a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Setting the Spooky Stage

The first step to a memorable Halloween celebration in your library is transforming the physical space. Start by adding decorations that strike the right balance between spooky and welcoming. Think pumpkins, friendly witches, and cute ghosts to create a whimsical atmosphere. Add some fake spider webs between your bookshelves to make the decorations unmissable when naturally moving around the library’s space. Dim the lights slightly to enhance the ambiance and use orange and black as your primary colors.

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Once you are done with decorations, incorporate Halloween without changing the library essence too much. In that case, book displays can be your secret weapon. Carefully select Halloween-themed books suitable for all age groups, from classic tales like “Dracula” to modern favorites like Stephen King’s novels. Add a dash of intrigue by including brief descriptions or quotes to pique interest and inspire borrowing.

Spine-Tingling Storytelling Sessions

Add storytelling sessions to your event programs in the days around Halloween. When planning these, think about your diverse audience and tailor the sessions accordingly. Younger children might enjoy gentler ghost stories, while teenagers and adults might prefer something more suspenseful. Offering variety ensures that everyone can join in the fun.
For extra involvement, consider making the storytelling interactive by using props, sound effects, and creative narration techniques. Encourage your audience to engage their imagination, helping them visualize the spooky settings and characters in the stories. It is all about making it an adventure.

Book-inspired costume parades

Organize costume parades and contests – these add an extra layer of excitement to the whole festive season in the library. When organizing such contests, look beyond appearances. Consider how well the costume connects to a book or literary character. Another idea might be setting up a devoted area where participants can briefly share information about the character they are dressed as and the book that inspired their costume. It is a chance to align Halloween with the purpose of libraries and add an educational twist to the fun.

Spooky Crafts and Activities

Engage young minds by leading craft stations which also promote hands-on learning. Include book-themed crafts to directly connect creativity to reading. A spooky bookmark might be a good and easy idea to start with.
Consider pairing these crafting stations with the already-mentioned storytelling. For example, after making a pumpkin, kids can listen to a Halloween story featuring a magical pumpkin patch.

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Promoting Literacy

Autumn weather is perfect for reading. Therefore, encouraging reading during Halloween is a fantastic idea. Recommend books through displays on the shelves and choose fitting topics that are spooky enough for the season. Alternatively, to make this process a bit more immersive, place Halloween-designed QR codes around the library that will lead the patrons to a list of books you suggest reading during the holidays.
Another idea might be to dedicate the days around Halloween to spotlighting authors famous for their contributions to horror or supernatural genres. Discuss their works and encourage visitors to check out their books.

Building Community and Inclusivity

Inclusivity and community engagement are at the core of Halloween celebrations! Therefore, make sure you keep that in mind when planning the program for your library! Reach out to local groups, schools and organizations to spread the word and make sure everyone feels welcome at your library’s Halloween celebrations! If your community is diverse, incorporating multicultural Halloween traditions might also be a good idea.

Engaging volunteers and partners can make your Halloween celebration even better

Collaborate with local businesses to provide treats or prizes for your events. Partnerships are powerful, they can not only be a significant financial help, but they also foster a sense of community and add extra excitement for the participants!
Encourage community members to volunteer their time or skills to enhance your events. Whether you have full-year-long volunteer programs, or it would be only a one-time thing, it is a wonderful way to build a sense of belonging and get new ideas.


Halloween in libraries is a magical time when the love of reading, creativity, and community come together. By following these ideas, you can create a Halloween celebration that resonates with visitors of all ages. As you open your library’s doors to the enchantment of Halloween, you are not just strengthening its role as a community hub; you are also inspiring a lifelong love for literature and learning. Embrace the magic of Halloween in your library, and watch it become a cherished tradition for generations to come.

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