You may not think about this at all as you are cozying up and about open a book, but reading is an activity that can make you sharper, stronger, happier, and have better relationships to boot.

Reading is an exercise for the brain which can strengthen neuronal pathways as well as create new ones. Being immersed in a book can help reduce stress and improve sleep. From encouraging the development of children’s brains to staving off dementia in the elderly, reading can be the key to living better and longer.

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The many benefits of reading

As any avid book reader can tell you, immersing yourself in a great book can make your brain come alive. It sounds romantic, but science is now proving this to be true.

When we read, not only are we improving memory and empathy, but research has shown that it makes us feel better and more positive too. Science has shown that reading has some amazing health benefits, including helping with depression, cutting stress, and reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in life.

If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out. To be inspired to become an avid reader, we’ve created the infographic below on the brain-boosting benefits of reading.

14 Ways Reading Improves Your Mind And Body

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