What is Princh?

Princh is a software company supplying the printing solution via public PCs, laptops and mobile apps at several locations including libraries, print shops, hotels and more across Northern Europe and America. See our locations here.

Why is Princh deducting money from my account?

If you have paid electronically (credit/debit cards, mobile app payments, PayPal etc.) to print one or more documents at one of our locations, money will be deducted from your bank account approximately 3-4 days (sometimes later) after printing and you will see an entry on your account statement saying:

  • “princh.com printing”

With Princh, all payments are secure, and we don’t store your card information. We can’t withdraw money from your bank account without your authorization.

What can I do if  I don’t remember having printed lately? 

If you don’t remember that you (or a family member) have printed lately and still have had money withdrawn from your account by Princh, please contact us as soon as possible via the form on the contact page.