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Princh for retail

With Princh you can provide wireless, self-service printing to your customers, create a new revenue stream, and attract more people to your business.

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What makes Princh great for retail?

Printing software easy to install

Attract more customers

Use Princh to attract more customers to your business driven by a one-stop-shopping mindset while also adding a new high-margin revenue stream.

User-friendly printing

Princh works for everyone

Princh was designed to be extremely simple to use and intuitive. This means that all users, even those less experienced with IT, will be able to use Princh easily.

Cost effective

Princh’s simple and all-inclusive pricing model is designed for the needs of all businesses whether large or small. Everything is included in one price.

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What can Princh do?

Princh’s uniquely user-friendly interface makes printing simple for your customers and staff.

Wireless printing software for phone, tablet or laptop

Print from any device

With Princh, users can print from their mobile, tablet or laptop. Princh is also available as desktop applications for PCs and Linux.

Reduced cash payments and online payment

Integrated electronic payment

Users pay for printing with bank cards and mobile payment apps – or with cash if you prefer.

Cloud based printing solution

Easy and fast installation

Our cloud based printing solution is incredibly lightweight, self-updating, and many times faster to install than competing solutions.

Secure printing for libraries

Serverless setup

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide pre-configured Princh printers. Just plug n’ print – no server needed!

Easy-to-use printing software

No user accounts

Princh does not use any complicated account system meaning users don’t need to set up anything – no accounts, deposits, usernames or passwords. Just easy printing and payment.

Multilingual printing software


Princh is available in a many languages and more are added on a continuous basis. We currently support English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Arabic.

Secure printing for libraries

Secure printing

All connections are SSL encrypted and payments are secure. We don’t store data outside EU. Stored data is kept for a maximum of 24 hours.

Cloud based printing solution

GDPR compliance

Princh’s fundamental infrastructure and design allows you to ensure compliance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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