Software Release Notes


Version 2.18  (released 12.02.2020)

  • Added secure printing feature (security code on print-jobs when supported by the printer)

  • General performance improvements

Version 2.17  (released 18.09.2018)

  • MobilePay option now available at print locations that support it
  • PayPal payment option now available at print locations that support it
  • GUI now supports Iphone X
  • Minor bux-fixes

Version 2.16  (released 09.03.2018)

  • Fixed payment window layout problems during 3D Secure payments
  • It is now easier to type your payment details in the payment window

Version 2.15  (released 2.03.2018)

  • Minor update to support future Princh features

Version 2.14  (released 18.12.2017)

  • Fixed a problem with accepting documents from e-Boks and possibly other apps sharing content with Princh

Version 2.13  (released 18.10.2017)

  • Now supports North American paper formats

Version 2.12  (released 20.09.2017)

  • Added support for Portuguese language

  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.11  (released 25.08.2017)

  • minor bug fixes

  • required changes to support new Princh API

Version 2.10  (released 17.02.2017)

  • Now supports Arabic language

Version 2.9  (released 17.01.2017)

  • Now supports Finnish language

Version 2.8  (released 29.11.2016)

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.7  (released 19.10.2016)

  • Now supports Norwegian language

Version 2.6  (released 22.09.2016)

  • Minor fixes

Version 2.5  (released 13.09.2016)

  • Added new payment options, killed a few bugs and improved performance

Version 2.4  (released 29.06.2016)

  • Swedish language now supported

Version 2.3  (released 09.11.2015)

  • The Princh App now will help you find a publicly available printer, even if there are no Princh locations nearby.

Version 2.2  (released 06.10.2015)

  • Added the option to securely save credit card information for faster and easier payment

Version 2.1  (released 12.08.2015)

  • Added in-app guide that helps users get started with Princh

  • Various usability improvements

  • Removed geographic restrictions on the map for locating printers. Now is possible to find all printers and not only those close to the user’s location.

  • Added German Language and general functionality supporting the use of Princh outside of Denmark

Version 2.0 (released 22.07.2015)


  • Added support for printing web-pages from safari
  • Added support for printing photos directly from Photos app

(don’t forget to enable the extension “Print with Princh” on your device!)


  • Various bug-fixes and stability improvements
  • Improved UI responiveness
  • Fixed an issue, where receipts opened from Print Job History would show the total price without inclusion of VAT

Version 1.0  (released 23.06.2015)

Version 3.4.0  (released 11.02.2020)

  • Added secure printing feature (security code on print-jobs when supported by printer)
  • General performance improvements

Version 3.3.1  (released 24.01.2019)

  • fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when printing after using the Princh map feature
  • improved performance of the Princh map feature

Version 2.4.3

– Now supports German language
– All assemblies are now signed with Princh’s digital certificate
– Minor security and stability improvements

Version 2.4.2

– Fixed an issue that would prevent the user from printing again, if a completed print job window is active in the background (minimised)

Version 0.9.19

– Fixed a bug that would cause issues with uploading files on Ubuntu 18

Version 1.3.9 (released 21.02.2019)

  • Fixed a problem, that could prevent the language selection feature from working properly
  • Fixed a problem, that would cause incorrect scaling to A3 for copies paid with cash