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Refer a library

Tell us who our next customer should be and get rewarded for your recommendation

Refer a library to Princh

Why refer?

We know you enjoy talking about Princh with everyone in the library world so why not get rewarded for it? Let us know who could use a new printing solution at their library and get free printing for them and for your library.

Printing software easy to install

For every new customer that you refer, you get 1 free month of printing for you and for your referred library when they go live.

Who to refer?

To be certain that your referral turns into a loyal customer, it is important to make the right referral. For  Princh, the right referral is a full-time employee at a public library in the US or Canada in need of:

Printing software easy to install

A user-friendly printing solution with an intuitive interface.

User-friendly printing

A mobile printing solution that allows patrons to print and pay from any device.

A reliable printing solution that reduces administration costs, paper waste and ensures payment for all prints.

Got the perfect person in mind? – Make a referral

Just tell us who our next customer should be by following the steps below:

Fill in the contact form on the right with your information and let us know who you think could benefit from our printing solution! (You need to fill in a form for every referral that you make.)

Make an e-mail introduction to increase your chances of a successful referral. Your work is done!

Our team will get in touch with your referral.

When they become a customer, we’ll get back to you to make sure you get your reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Princh, the right referral is a full-time employee at a US public library – even better if it’s the IT or library responsible.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Just keep in mind that you will only get rewarded for the referrals that decide to launch Princh at their locations.

You need you to actively fill in the form, so we can track the referrals. All the data will be recorded in our CRM system and our team will oversee your referrals. When your referee purchases Princh for their locations, you will receive an e-mail update from us informing you of your free month of printing.

After you submit the referral, we will verify it to make sure the library hasn’t already been referred. In that case, we will inform you by email. A library can only be referred once.

We have set an internal process to track all referrals. We will inform you by email if your referree has become a customer of Princh.

When the library you referred has made the full payment and launched Princh, we’ll inform you about your reward and it will be added to the current contract term.

Yes, your referral must become a customer of Princh no later than six months after the referral has been made.

Yes, the library you referred will receive the same reward as you.