Printing, Copying, Scanning and Payment for Libraries

Princh is the only solution made for – and with – libraries.

Princhy the librarian

What products do we offer?

BYOD Printing

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution simplifies the printing process for everyone! Your library visitors will be able to easily and intuitively submit documents from their own devices and seamlessly complete the printing and payment process without assistance. Read our BYOD guide to get an understanding of key aspects to look for when choosing the right BYOD solution here.

Copying & Scanning

Our unique and user-friendly solution removes all complexity and staff involvement from the copying, scanning and subsequent payment process. Our Copy & Scan solution can run on the Multifunction Printer’s (MFP) display screen or a tablet connected to the printer. Users are not required to to create usernames, accounts or passwords and are provided clear