There can be several reasons a print job is not completed. These statuses can be used to narrow down the problem and find a solution. You can see them in the admin panel under Print jobs:

Queued: The print job is received by Princh’s system, but it is not received by the printer. This is often caused by print jobs waiting in line to be sent to the printer. If it lasts more than 5 min its likely an error in the library’s network, hardware or installation of the Princh server. Try to restart the server running Princh to resolve the problem.

In Progress: The Print job is “In Progress”. This can be caused due to a printer waiting for other print jobs being printed or a printer warming up. If this status lasts more than 5 minutes, it is a sign of error. Check that the printer is switched on and connected to the network, try to restart the printer.

Done: The print job is completed without error.

Error: The print job is in error. This can be caused by printer errors like paper jam, out of toner, out of paper or that it is switched off. Check for paper jam, that has more toner, and that it has paper. Then restart the printer. Resend the print job from the admin panel under “Today’s activity” tab.

Canceled: If the payment of a print job is canceled, or the print job is canceled, it will get this status.  This action is initiated by staff. When a print job is canceled, no money will be deducted from the user’s bank account. No further action is needed.