How Princh made printing and payment mobile friendly for MFRL

Montgomery Floyd Regional Library

About Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library

The Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library (MFRL) is a four branch, two county public library system in rural southwestern Virginia. In 2021, MFRL launched its new Mobile Library. This unit travels to geographically distant locales, areas with transportation issues, senior living facilities and child care centers

“Our patrons feel that printing with Princh is much more convenient than using public computers and its print system.”


At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, MFRL library buildings were closed but operating on a curbside-only model. The challenge was to find a remote printing option for our patrons.

At that time, we researched Princh and ultimately were able to quickly set up curbside printing at our four locations. When it was time to launch our new Mobile Library project, we again turned to Princh.

We have learned that walk-up patrons wanting to print from their phone feel that printing with Princh is much more convenient than going through the process of logging on to our public computers and using its print system.


The installation of Princh was a snap. In fact, it seemed that Princh’s support team did all of the heavy lifting.

After filling out a form, we had a remote installation, where Princh set everything up for us.

Princh’s support team is another reason why we continue to develop our printing services using Princh. They are super friendly and quick to respond, despite being half way around the world from us.

MFRL Bookmobile


A goal of this new unit is to offer a full-service mobile library and not just books, like the mobile libraries of decades past. Having a mobile printing solution, like Princh, is essential to achieving this goal.

Many patrons in our rural or underserved populations lack the ability to print at home. With Princh, our mobile library can offer shared printing to fulfill this need.

When evaluating printing solutions, we found that Princh’s web interfaces – both patron-side and staff-side – are designed better than the alternatives.

Princh’s BYOD printing and payment solution has allowed our branches and our Mobile Library to offer a great, user-friendly printing experience to our patrons.

“Princh’s solution is easy for patrons to use, and convenient for staff.”

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