Quotes are a powerful set of words that can inspire and motivate people. With this in mind, we were inspired to create our top 5 favourite quotes about libraries, and library professionals selected by the Princh team. The inspirational and motivational quotes we have selected come from a range of different individuals who all elegantly describe the importance of libraries and the benefits they bring. Let’s get into it!

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The library is a unique indoor public space. It offers much more than just books, it provides a safe space for the community to learn, engage and experience. This quote by the novelist Zadie Smith perfectly describes what attracts people to well-run libraries.

Librarians are superheroes and we mean it! Because a library without librarians is nothing more than a warehouse. Librarians bring knowledge, excitement, structure, positivity, and much more to every library.

These days, many libraries have modern facilities and advanced resources that every library visitor immediately appreciates and falls in love with. It would be hard to find a place that compares to what libraries provide which is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, modern facilities and resources at little to no cost.

Every book in a library has a different story that can take the reader to a different place, but the best thing is that it introduces the reader to new and different experiences. Any randomly picked book from the library will be worth spending time on because it will take you on a new journey.

Librarians are the most important pillar of every library because they are dedicated to serving and helping their communities!

Public libraries play an important role in their communities and so do the library professionals. It is not a secret that library professionals are the main piece of any public library because they are always there ready to help everyone who enters the doors of the library. As English author, Matt Haig once said: “Librarians are just like search engines, except they smile…And they have actual hearts”, and this is so true! We hope this list of great quotes inspires people to visit their local library as soon as they can. If you have any great library quotes, please share them with us in the comments below!

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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