Podcasts are a popular way to consume information. The main reason for this is that you can listen to them while on the go. You can take in your favourite podcasts while you walk, drive, sit, cook or in many other forms. Chris and Bob from the Library Pros podcast clearly understand this and have one of the best library-focused podcasts available. We are happy to say, that our CEO here at Princh, Thomas Ommen, was lucky enough to be a guest on Episode 98 of The Library Pros podcast.

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Thomas joined the podcast to discuss numerous topics but of course mainly to discuss libraries. Thomas talks with Chris and Bob about why there is such a strong relationship between libraries and Princh and how our Princh printing, copying and scanning products have been developed with and for them. We had an amazing time on such a wonderful podcast and are happy that the episode is now live.

For all the library professionals looking for a great library podcast, we recommend you check out the Library Pros podcast hosted by Chris and Bob! Naturally, we think episode 98 is a great start so we have included a link to their website where you can listen to the full episode, or you can find it on whichever platform you get your podcasts from.

You can find the Library Pros episode here: LINK TO EPISODE

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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Greta Lastauskaite

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