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Pinterest and Libraries

Living in the 21st century with a pandemic is awful but looking at the bright side we just need to follow the government’s guidelines to stay home and avoid crowded places. This situation is unexpected, and certainly not something anyone ever wanted to experience.

However, now that we are at home, we are wondering what to do to stay busy. Having internet at home is a life saver for many of us! We are lucky to have access to all the news from around the world so we can stay informed. While at home, why not explore all the opportunities the internet has to offer? It could be a great time to learn a new skill or try a different form of social media.

Today we will discuss another Social Media tool, one that is perfect for librarians and anyone who enjoys creating mood-boards or participating in brainstorming sessions! Pinterest is the platform that has so much to give and there is inspiration for any hobby in the world.

Whether it’s discovering new recipes to feed a passion for cooking or gathering interior design inspiration to help create and decorate new bookshelf displays. Find anything at all, from artwork, crafts and fashion to workouts and even gardening ideas.

Getting inspiration for new projects and sharing them can help someone else who is looking for an idea on the same topic!

How to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a simple, easy-to-use platform which enables users to search for new projects and find inspiration for any interest! Pins are ideas that people on Pinterest create, find, and save which have been generated from different brands, influencers or websites. The idea is to look for new pins online and add them to the relevant board on Pinterest.

The software is available as a mobile app and online. The first step to get connected is, of course, to create an account. Take a look at this useful guide  to learn how to set up the account step by step.

Once the account is created, select any interest (fx: book displays, library decorations,  library activities, book quotes or most read books in 2019), then pin inspiring ideas, designs, and pictures. Pins are like a virtual bookmark and they are saved until the moment it is deleted. And, like other social media platforms users can follow other pages as well.

Pinterest allows the user to create different boards in order to save relevant ideas, pictures and other pins in one place. Make as many boards as there are areas of interest to explore. Each board can be separated by title in order to help users organize their pins, it’s useful for differing topics such as gluten free recipes, DIY projects, board game strategies, and recommended books or movies.

How to promote a Library on Pinterest?

‘’Pinterest offers another great way to keep up with creative and cutting-edge ways libraries are engaging with their communities.’’

Using Pinterest is a good way libraries can connect and interact with their patrons. It’s also important to keep up with trends and ideas in the library world, and outside of it.

Pinterest is a great way to show what the library is doing, and it is a place to get inspired by others. Bring in the history buffs from the community by promoting a historical collection or inspire the creatives by showcasing the newly acquired 3D printer or other maker-space materials. Pinterest can be used to promote any event the library puts on including all the regular programs, clubs and activities.

Nowadays, social media is a tool with a huge influence, where it’s easy to connect with others, create partnerships and collaborate.
To get more inspiration from other libraries on Pinterest here are some great profiles from librarians: Anne Clark has great projects for kids at the library, such as sewing. Laura Gentry, is providing recommendations for books worth reading.

Use hashtags!

The use of hashtags will help to bring a larger audience to the library’s Pinterest board, which means more people will be inspired by the library’s collection of pins. Create traffic by gathering pins and hashtags related to the page’s name, theme and topics like books, reading, specific skills and libraries!

Stay Safe!

Being stuck at home is giving us all the gift of time, time which can be spent on social media gaining knowledge and indulging old hobbies and new interests! Quarantine shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they love. So do whatever sparks passion, indulge hobbies, or pick up a new skill, but do it indoors to avoid crowded places until the virus goes away and we can all get back to our normal lives….outside, enjoying the beach, parks and cafes.

Hopefully this blog has piqued a curiosity to discover Pinterest as another form of social media which can be utilized to stay up-do-date with trends, connect with the community, and promote the library.

We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world!

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