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What are other people reading? What are celebrities reading in their free time?  On this week’s Princh Libray Blog, Global English Editing shares a fun infographic, The Bookshelves of 20 Surprisingly Smart Celebrities so you can see what some of the most well known people are reading.

Reading Helps

Science has shown that reading regularly can improve your focus and concentration, increase analytical skills, relieve stress and anxiety, and help slow down mental decline as we age.

A lot of successful people make a habit of reading regularly. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and Oprah are all notorious bookworms.

But it’s not just business people who credit reading for their success. Celebrities too are vocal about how reading has helped them in their personal lives and with their careers.

In interviews, on their social media accounts, and in their MasterClasses, celebrities often talk about the books they’re reading and how much they have benefited from them.

Did you know that Lebron James likes to read books before a game? Or that Kendell Jenner credits regular reading with helping her manage her anxiety? Or that reading helped Noah Centineo heal after a particularly bad break up?

Global English Editing has scoured the internet to find the reading lists of 20 prominent celebrities. They presented the results in this nifty new infographic, The Bookshelves of 20 Surprisingly Smart Celebrities.

Although celebrities may not always be our first point of call for book recommendations, the favorite books of these celebrities are actually as eye opening and diverse as any other book lover. Check out the infographic below. You may just find your next favorite book.

How Reading Helps Celebrities Daily Lives - Princh Library Blog

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