What did people read during the pandemic? On this week’s Princh Library Blog, we share a fun infographic, created by Global English Editing, that will provide you with the answers. Check out the infographic below.

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One thing is clear from 2020 – a lot of people spent their time at home nestled up with a favorite book.

Global English Editing have just released a fascinating infographic about the world’s reading habits in 2020.

They wanted to find out how much we read in 2020, how the pandemic changed our reading habits, and what was on people’s bookshelves this year.

The main findings

A few of their eye-opening findings include:

  • 35% of people said they read more this year due to the pandemic.
  • Two of the top 10 best-selling books on Amazon were children’s workbooks as homeschooling went mainstream during the pandemic
  • One fiction category had a breakout year, and unsurprisingly it was… apocalyptic fiction
  • Romance novels make up a whopping one-third of all mass-market fiction sold (and 16% of those are sold to men).

Clearly, the world had a lot on its mind this year, and people took to their bookshelves to make sense of it all.

To learn more about world reading habits in 2020, check out the infographic below.

World Reading Habits 2020

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Post details:

Introduction text and blog coordination by Isabel Cabrera.

Research and the infographic by Global English Editing

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